Month: May 2013

Angels and Demons


Never accepting defeat

Until the sand of grievances puffed into the air
And claimed its pertinent fare

Blue sky turned to grey
The passion went astray

He said he would never hurt me
He read like he would never desert me

The tables turned
A life burnt

From lashes to bashes
From bashes to ashes

Angels became Demons
Demons became Angels

Integrating, amalgamating, mixing
As it was all laid down by God while fixing

I become cold and turn still
As memories unfold and rain drops descend my hill

I wrestle with my clipped wings and yearn to fly
But in flashes, I watch my life go by!

Cannes Film Festival 2013 – Fashion Roundup!


Cannes Film Festival is held in Cannes, France every year. As the name signifies, it is a festival of movies of all genres from all across the world including Hollywood, Bollywood, Documentaries etc. The Festival is extremely popular and is considered to be one of the most prestigious and highly acclaimed in the fantastic world of films. 2013 Cannes Film Festival is currently going on, May 15th to May 26th 2013. I would have gone but its an invitation only event and I still haven’t made that many contacts…not yet 🙂

Celebrities on the Cannes Red Carpet and movie screenings are an absolute delight to watch and drool over. Not because they are celebrities but because of the attention to minute details of their red carpet look.

I have compiled a list of my fav, not so fav and worth mentioning fashion statements from Cannes 2013.

Sonam Kapoor (bollywood actress)

I cannot remember the last time, I fell in love with an outfit instantly. At first glance. The dress by Dolce & Gabanna complements her style beautifully. This is my most favorite look so far!



Sonam also  wore a vintage white and gold creation by designer Anamika Khanna, complimented by a trailing baroque-effect jacket. Loving the look Sonam! 🙂


Irina Shayk (model) looked gorgeous  in pink as she stepped out in a beaded Elie Saab gown with a plunging neckline.

Irina Shayk_Elie Saab

Izabel Goulart (model) looked like an absolute delight to watch as she swayed in an embroidered green gown with full sleeves. I am drooling over this dress by Emilio Pucci.


55 year old Sharon Stone looked lovely in her white gown with a small trail by Cavalli. The dress had a gold snake detail on the back which gave a very striking look to the entire outfit and in a very good way! 🙂

Sharon Stone

I have never understood Paris Hilton’s style or the lack of it 😛 (no offence intended). The hotel heiress had the Barbie doll look as she walked the red carpet in a pink sequined mermaid gown.


Karolina Kurkova (model) was looked super hot in a black cut-out gown Roberto Cavalli fitted gown.


Chunky nose-rings were quite the fad especially with the Bollywood Ladies. I love nose-rings and these traditional naths (nose-rings) look great but somehow Sonam (on right) pulls them off better than Vidya Balan (on left). What do you think?


Julianne Moore looked ravishing in a  showstopping Dior gown. The black bustier top and the satin lilac skirt were the perfect red carpet look. The photographers caught her feet and since then they have bashing the 52 year for having one of her toes out of the shoes. Take it easy guys! She must have been in pain so give her a break. Next time, please Julianne check your shoes before donning them to such a high profile event


Cheryl Cole looked splendid in a Zuhair Murad maroon gown but but but what I loved the most was her hair!

cheryl-cole-cannes-film-festival-fishtail-plait-20-05-2013-jpg_111913 Cheryl-cole-red-carpet-fashion-cannes-film-festival--hair---20-05-2013-jpg_111913

Eva Longoria looked lovely in a pastel green Atelier Versace gown. However, she suffered from a wardrobe malfunction or deliberately  begged for some attention with her no-underwear show! And she ensured that the world knew she wasn’t wearing any…oh boy!

She lifted her dress to avoid tripping while climbing the stairs and ‘accidentally’ showed her crotch to the world, however, some claim it could be a skin coloured underwear and all this was a desperate publicity gimmick by the 38 year old ‘Desperate Housewives’ star…


Ashwariya Rai is a usual face at Cannes since the past couple of years as Loreal’s ambassador. She has been panned by fashion critics over the years for her disastrous Cannes looks. She has managed to come up with great looks so far and some really what-were-you-thinking-when-you-picked-this-design remarks by fashion pundits


I fell in love with the white Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla floor-length anarkali with colourful heavy embroidery. Loving the clutch and nail polish as well! WOW!

She looks lovely in the black and grey Elie Saab couture gown below. Yummy Mummy!


Gucci Premiere gown looks out of this world!


And here’s the look that I didnt like at alllllllllll! The embroidererd Sabyasachi lehenga-sari


Biscuit tray dress – Yes! I am not joking. A model wore a  flowing gown made exclusively of biscuit trays. I wonder who ate the biscuits? 😉

Short or long dress? or both? haha Paz Vega couldn’t decide between a short or long dress, so she figured out a way to wear both. Or maybe her best part is her upper thighs? 😀

paz-vega (1)

Last but not the least, my all time Cannes favourite look is Princess Di’s Dress that she wore to the Cannes Film Festival in 1987. It was designed by Catherine Walker, taking its inspiration from the style of Grace Kelly.This dress was auctioned for £81,000 in 2011.


That’s it folks! Hope you enjoyed! be happy, be fashionable! xxx

Bananas are NOT just for Monkeys!

Monkey bananaI had boycotted bananas for a long time before I began training. On the strict orders of my instructor I started having a banana between lunch and training. Frankly speaking, I love them now owing to their numerous health benefits and NO! I am not even a monkey. Not yet…

Here is quick look at how beneficial bananas are for the human body and otherwise:

Source of Fibre

A single banana has about 3 grams of fibre. Dietary fibre helps in feeling fuller longer and also keep digestive processes running efficiently.

Satisfy your sweet tooth

An average banana has 110 calories and can fulfill your sweet tooth cravings without ruining your diet and training.


As per a research by Colorado State University, potassium is essential for a smooth nerve and muscle function. It also facilitates the balance of fluids in the body along with preventing painful cramps after rigorous exercise.

An average banana has approximately 400 mg potassium packed in it!

Fat & Cholesterol

 Bananas are completely free from any fat and cholesterol and are a great natural and healthy diet!


Mashed bananas are one of the most widely used baby foods especially when they are introduced to solid foods. They are easy to digest and a source of important nutrients when suffering from indigestion or a virus without straining the stomach too much.


 Manganese aids in bone health and speedy metabolism. Bananas are a great source of manganese, as one medium banana provides about 3 mg. Adults on average need 1.8 and 2.3 mg of manganese daily.


Carbs are instant energy. Eating a bananas before  or after a workout is the best way to feel energized!

 Vitamin C & Vitamin B-6

 An average banana has 10 mg of vitamin C which boosts immune system, cell health and improves and facilitates the absorption of other nutrients.

Our body needs vitamin B-6 to grow new cells. An average banana supplies 35% of daily B-6 requirement

Overcomes Depression & helps in reducing PMS symptoms

Bananas help combat depression due high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin ( the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter).

Moreover, it not only lifts  your mood but also  reduce PMS symptoms, as it regulates blood sugar and produces stress-relieving relaxation. You listening ladies? 😉


Other benefits

  • Banana skin relieves against itching as a result of insect bites.
  • Bananas aid in lowering body temperature and can be eaten when running a fever or just to cool down on a hot day! 😉
  • It helps in quitting smoking as it contains high levels of potassium and magnesium which helps in quitting.
  • Helps in removing a wart by putting the inside of a banana peel on the wart and tapping it.
  • Rubbing the inside of banana peel on leather shoes and handbags makes them shine instantly!


Bananas can be eaten and used in multiple forms! A banana on its own, mixed in a fruit salad, as an ingredient in muffins (when you are not watching your calories as such), frozen yogurt, smoothies and the list is never ending!!! 🙂

They makes a great, healthy and a nutritious snack. Apart from this, from alleviating the mood to making your handbags/shoes shine! Bananas are awesome! And oh! who doesn’t like witnessing banana peel falls? 😛 Its been a while since I have been a spectator to one..

That’s it folks! Hope you are now looking at bananas in a different light!

 Remember! a banana day is surely enough to keep the doctor away…xxx


Istanbul, Turkey

Sunset - Istanbul
Sunset – Istanbul

I had been planning to go to Istanbul for ages. Finally, my dream shaped into reality as I landed in Istanbul with 4 other girl friends from all over the globe.

Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey and often referred to as the historic, cultural and economic hub which connects Europe to Asia. The city is mesmerizing.

Here is a list of my favourite places in Istanbul that you definitely should include in your ‘things to do in Istanbul’ list!

Blue Mosque or Sultan Ahmed Mosque

The mosque was built from 1609 – 1616 under the regime of Ahmed I. It is famously referred to as Blue Mosque because of the blue tiles on the walls of its interior. It is a popular tourist destination for both Muslims and non-muslims. It is open 24 hours a day there is no entry ticket. The magnificent architecture brings back memories of past glories and empires – the design is a combination of Ottoman and Byzantine eras.




Hagia Sofia

Hagia Sophia is a gorgeous Church from the Byzantine regime. It was constructed in 5 years from 532 till 537. After the Turks conquered Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1453, it was converted into a Mosque from a Church.

In 1935, it was converted into a museum – carpets from floor and white plaster from walls was removed thereby showing off the opulent mosaics and decorations.

aya sofia


Virgin & Jesus in Hagia Sophia

Topkapi Palace

The Sultans (Royal Turkish Family) lived in Topkapi Palace for around 400 years, before moving to the grand Dolmabache Palace in 1853. It is one of the oldest Palaces and enjoys views of Bosphorous, Marmara Sea and Golden Horn. Topaki was not just a royal residence but also the hub of all state functions and entertainment for the elite royals.

Topkapi was converted into a museum in 1924. It was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1985. Presently, Topkapi Palace is an eminent tourist attraction and contains holy relics such Prophet Muhammad’s (P.B.U.H) sword and cloak.



Topkapi Palace Harem



Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar or Covered Bazaar is one of the largest covered markets of the world. With over 5000 shops, 60 streets – it is the focus of every tourist visiting Istanbul. It is populated with a wide variety of carpets, jewellery, antiques, hand-painted ceramics, painted glass lamps and fake branded hand-bags shops. The Bazaar was enlarged in 16th century and went a major restoration following an earthquake in 1894. Today, it still stands with a wide variety of stalls where all you hear is the loud roar of bargains….




Bosphorus Trip by Ferry

A brilliant sight-seeing tour where you see the connection between Europe and Asia. It is an experience that you can’t afford to miss if in Istanbul ever! You get to admire splendid views of European Side, Dolmabache Palace, Rumeli Fortress, the Bosphorus Bridge, Asian Side and more.






Taksim is a major tourist district and is located in the centre of European part of Istanbul. It is renowned for its restaurants, hotels, cafes, shopping outlets and night clubs. The street never sleeps! It is always bustling and is more active and vibrant after sunset.


011 Taksim Tram Istanbul ii

Basilica Cistern

This is the largest of the hundreds of cisterns that lie beneath Istanbul. It was built in 6th century during the reign of Byzantine  Emperor Justanian I.Cistern stored water for the royal palace and surrounding builidings.It was ignored and forgotten after the Ottoman conquest and it became a dumping store for corpses and other sorts of useless junk. It has been restored 3 times till date.

The cistern was used as a location for the 1963, James Bond film From Russia with Love . In the film, it is referred to as being constructed by the Emperor Constantine, with no reference to Justinian.



Dolmabache Palace

It is one of the most stunning Palaces in the world. It was the royal residence and administrative ground for the Sultans during the last years of Ottoman Empire. When the Turkish Republic was found, Mustafa Kamal Ataturk transferred all government functions to the youthful capital but on his visits to Istanbul Ataturk occupied only a small room at Dolmabahce Palace as his own. He entertained various state guests at the palace.

His room is still in the same way as it was when he passed away. Ataturk  spent most of his illness period in the palace . After his death, on 10th of November 1938 at 9:05 AM, all the clocks in the palace are stopped at this time. It is now a museum and is symbol of great respect and reverence for Turkish people.


dolmabahce_palace_istanbul (8)

Processed by: Helicon Filter;



dolmabahce_palace_4_by_serkanavcioglu-d30gdk4 (1)

dolmabahce_palace_istanbul (11)




Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazar was built in 1664 and is located at the south of Galata Bridge. It is a delicate reminder of the flavor of the east with fragrant spices adding a unique flavor to the ambiance around the area.

Apart from spices, nuts, jams, dried fruits are amongst the other edibles present in the market.


Turkish Delight - Spice Bazaar 10_6_07


Turkish Hamam

Turkish Hamam or Turkish Bath is a form of ancient Turkish ritual. It is a variant of sauna, Russian bath and steam bath.

It is a mode of cleansing and scrubbing the body and became extremely popular in the Victorian time. A Turkish bath is similar to a sauna but is more related to ancient Roman and Greek bathing practices  The person taking the bath, relaxes in a warm room which is heated by hot air where he undergoes scrubbing and massage followed by a cooler room where the person is splashed with cold water. It is a highly relaxing experience and truly one of its kind…



And now something about the people of Istanbul…

People of Istanbul are extremely hard to categorize. If on one side we had people yelling at us in Trams in Turkish (literally) for just having a normal conversation then on the other hand, women were defending us and standing up for us by saying ‘they are on a holiday, let them enjoy!’

Another story that I would never forget is a random guy standing up for us and telling 2 teenage boys off when they started bumping into my friend in an extremely packed train. One more incident that I definitely have to mention is our visit to Cistern where at the end of the tour, you can dress up in traditional Turkish attire and get your photograph taken. We got the professional photographs taken. On request of one of my friends, I was about to take a photograph of her from her camera when suddenly a middle-aged person started yelling at me and held his arm high up in the air, in an attempt to scare me that he is about to slap me. This was the worst part of our trip. Obviously the threat had the complete opposite reaction and he got retaliation from 5 girls, almost his grand-daughters age doing the same.

Overall, it  was extremely endearing to see strangers stand up for us in front of annoyed Turks.

Before going, we were told Turkish people are extremely vociferous. Little did we know, phrases like: ‘Cindrella, welcome to paradise!’ , ‘Annn-gelll’ , ‘Angelina’ , ‘You like flower’ would be the highlight of our trip.

Thats it folks! Pack your bags and head out to terrific turkey! It is awesome.Hope you enjoyed the post and definitely hoping you enjoy your trip as well 😉 xxx

Because I miss you…

My shadow stalking me…

Every day and every night
In the land of our memories,I take a flight
When you taught me the distinction
Between wrong and right

When you set parameters for me to achieve
A glorious height
Not letting anything become an obstacle
Or an absolute fright

You saw me limping
But you never let go my finger
I witnessed perseverance in your glistening eyes
The very reason which never lets my zest die

You trusted me
When my goal, I myself, could not even see
You awakened my self-esteem
When I was not even capable of a dream

Today I fly in the sky
While you peacefully lie
In a different world
But every time, for you my wings curl

Tracing your presence
In the hollow ambience
Your touch
Your breath

For I terribly miss you
Every memory turns me blue
Narrating a tale of our link
As it was written with the eternal ink

I await the sight
The lovely day when we’d unite
When you would be mine
And I would be thine