The train came to a halt on a dimly lit platform, as it poured outside

Purposelessly gazing out of the doors, I saw anxious faces

Running, walking and splashing – in all directions

Serenly lounged in my seat, as more passengers boarded

Lost in my thoughts until a sharp knock on my window

Instantly pulled me out, back to the present world

Just like the shriek of an alarm on a Monday morning

A station attendant in a neon jacket pointed

At my newly cut fringe, shielding my rectangular forehead

Her ‘thumbs up’ sign depicting her absolute nod of approval

I saw her lips curl as I read them

B E A U T I F U L!

Instinctively, my eyes radiated with life

I beamed, bowed and muttered back

T H A N K Y O U!

As the engine ignited and the train moved away

A perfect stranger had made my day

Who I might see again, on a different platform

Till then I fondly hold onto this memory and smile a little more…