Month: January 2014

Media Discovery – SCAM ALERT!!!

IT'S A SECRET! Image: Venture Galleries
Image: Venture Galleries

Hello my beautiful readers!

Hope you all are having a rocking 2014 and acting upon all your New Year resolutions 😉

I recently received an email to sell advertising space on Cheeni Thoughts from Media Discovery. Like always, a bit of digging up on good old Google led to some fascinating ‘discoveries’.

Media Discovery – What is it?

It is a scam company trying to lure bloggers into sponsored writings without informing the readers, that it is in fact a sponsored post!


Please see emails below for reference

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photo 2

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What do they ask you?

They agree to pay influential bloggers an upfront annual sum of $100 to publish articles on a blog/website with a link to their client’s website. As a result, you will receive yearly payment (which is not a lot at all) until one of you decides to terminate the contract.


Where is the catch?

Selling space on blogs in such a manner is termed as Black Hat SEO.  This in layman’s terms is using unethical means to boost a website’s ranking on search engines especially Google. It takes on average five to ten of these articles/posts before search engines catch them. Sometimes it can even be more than that but yes, there is no running away from it! Once caught, Google demotes the website and blacklists it. As a result, 80-90% of traffic is lost straightaway and the website in penalized. Media Discovery can easily terminate the contract with your website once Google spots this unethical advertising and move on to target fresh bloggers to splash up their websites.


Media discovery does not inform you about the risks associated with this sort of advertising on your blog. They are only using your website till it benefits them and their clients and then conveniently spotting other new blogs once search engines catch up with this activity. Media Discovery (New Web Ltd) is encouraging blogs to run paid for advertorials redirected to their clients website, without disclosing to followers that the content is an advert. This is in breach of the advertising industry’s code of practice.


Always research! Think! Don’t be fooled into a couple of $$$