OMG OMG OMG…okay cutting the drama!

 I am writing this post from a cloud. They call it Cloud no. 9! Thank you Salvatore Vionito for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award and thank you Petrel41 for awarding me Liebster Award!!!


lliebester-awardI am deeply touched, honored and humbly accept these accolades. 😀

And now I shall begin my ‘speech’ *Drum Roll*

I would like to thank God, my mom, dad, cat (if I had one I would give her a cookie today), Neighbours, Teachers, Teachers families, Sorry I forgot to mention my grandparents earlier, my laptop, office desktop, my fish (yes! I did have a goldfish but she now rests in peace), my siblings, friends, foes,my children and their children (they are not born yet but I am pretty sure they would complain if I miss them)…..Am i missing out anyone? 😉

I just want to thank my blog family, my 774 followers who patiently listen to me  and bless me with their love, support and motivation. Thanks for listening to my ramblings and letting me be a part of your life.

I cannot nominate 15 blogs because I think each one of those blogs are unique and special in their own way. I would like to give it to everyone in my blogging circle.

You guys rock! Shine bright…like a star.


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