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Platform 6.


The train came to a halt on a dimly lit platform, as it poured outside

Purposelessly gazing out of the doors, I saw anxious faces

Running, walking and splashing – in all directions

Serenly lounged in my seat, as more passengers boarded

Lost in my thoughts until a sharp knock on my window

Instantly pulled me out, back to the present world

Just like the shriek of an alarm on a Monday morning

A station attendant in a neon jacket pointed

At my newly cut fringe, shielding my rectangular forehead

Her ‘thumbs up’ sign depicting her absolute nod of approval

I saw her lips curl as I read them

B E A U T I F U L!

Instinctively, my eyes radiated with life

I beamed, bowed and muttered back

T H A N K Y O U!

As the engine ignited and the train moved away

A perfect stranger had made my day

Who I might see again, on a different platform

Till then I fondly hold onto this memory and smile a little more…



hgbiFrustrating frowns

Loud Laughter

Tender Touch

Wise Words

Guarded Steps

Harmonised breathing

Infinite staring

Her eyes to his

Before they blink

And turn away

While still connected

In a heartbeat

Pounding in their chests

Thump thump thump…


What does ‘SHE’ want?

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Intense stare and parted lips

All gawking at me, with undivided attention

Fidgeting fingers and intermittent sighs

All targeted at me, to be comprehended

She feels like a helpless child

Lost in a carnival, impatiently looking for a familiar face

Frustrated, like a frequent failure

Wanting to speak but choking

Wanting to reach out but tied

Her eyes turn ruby

Swelled up with her feelings

Longing to pour onto her grim face

Disobeying all her guards of self-control

Streams of tears gush down her bronze cheeks

Messengers of her desperation and vulnerability

I feel the dampness of her tears on my face

I reach out to comfort her

She mimics my actions

My heart skips a beat at the realization

Alienated from my agony for so long

I finally recognize what she wants.

I finally comprehend what I want.

She is, after all my reflection.

Waiting to be understood….



I hear the clouds roar
They are yearning to pour

Hauling thousand of secrets in themselves
Consenting to let them spill and not keeping them in shelves

Liberated, with the flow
Anticipating a better future, a glow

The drops descend
With each other they blend

The azure sky alters
Leaving no signs of any falters

Passion swells
Oomph dwells

Effects, sounds and faces
Presenting contrasting traces

The laughter, the crackle, the bubble
As the rain cleanses away the trouble

Despondently, I open my eyes and find myself in a flood
Which reminds me of a stream, of colorless blood

I look up and watch as the sky bellows to be
In its ordeal, it tells the tale of no-one but me…

Angels and Demons


Never accepting defeat

Until the sand of grievances puffed into the air
And claimed its pertinent fare

Blue sky turned to grey
The passion went astray

He said he would never hurt me
He read like he would never desert me

The tables turned
A life burnt

From lashes to bashes
From bashes to ashes

Angels became Demons
Demons became Angels

Integrating, amalgamating, mixing
As it was all laid down by God while fixing

I become cold and turn still
As memories unfold and rain drops descend my hill

I wrestle with my clipped wings and yearn to fly
But in flashes, I watch my life go by!

Because I miss you…

My shadow stalking me…

Every day and every night
In the land of our memories,I take a flight
When you taught me the distinction
Between wrong and right

When you set parameters for me to achieve
A glorious height
Not letting anything become an obstacle
Or an absolute fright

You saw me limping
But you never let go my finger
I witnessed perseverance in your glistening eyes
The very reason which never lets my zest die

You trusted me
When my goal, I myself, could not even see
You awakened my self-esteem
When I was not even capable of a dream

Today I fly in the sky
While you peacefully lie
In a different world
But every time, for you my wings curl

Tracing your presence
In the hollow ambience
Your touch
Your breath

For I terribly miss you
Every memory turns me blue
Narrating a tale of our link
As it was written with the eternal ink

I await the sight
The lovely day when we’d unite
When you would be mine
And I would be thine


I remember it well…


I saw you walking towards me

Getting closer and closer

With each swift stride

Plummeting the distance between us in seconds

That was the first time I saw you

I remember it well

I saw you sitting next to me

In a majestic Chapel

With stained glass windows and stone carvings

You watched me as my camera flashed

Capturing that moment

I remember it well

I saw you lying on the lush grass

While I sat by your side on a sun-kissed afternoon

Watching time go by, slowly and gradually

Under the calming shade of a tree

I remember it well

I saw you walking with me

In sun, rain and snow

Across different cities

Arms entwined

Steps synchronised

I remember it well

Days, months and years passed

I stopped seeing the same glint in your eyes

The glint that matched my own

It had gradually vanished followed by an immediate realisation

Making me question myself, of my value

In those gleaming eyes and your life

I remember it well

I still see you around albeit in my thoughts

Walking, sitting and lying beside me

Like parallel lines, you and I

Near or far – but never intersecting

Each going resilient in its own universe

In a different domain, estranged to the other

And I am going to remember it well...



Mornings are not my cup of tea

If it were in my control, I would just flee

Somewhere far away

Without a piercing ray

Enjoying my pacific sleep

Away from the alarms infuriating beep

Lost profoundly in blissful silence

Distant from clatters of morning violins

Free from the shackles of senses

Climbing over rusted fences

Into a different place

Breathing, at my own pace

Where sedated owls tranquilly sleep

In murky forests, thick and deep

Listen to your heart-beat, like a mother’s lullaby

Never losing out its rhythm even as time goes by

Shhh! Just close your eyes

Till the throbbing morning flies…




The sun is about to set
Like a rule laid down in a bet

I stand on the shore
While my heart is painfully tore

The wind blows and whistles
While moving dexterously through my hair

Like a mother’s hand
Like a baby’s touch

Sky dips in flames
Notwithstanding any new games

Far across the distance, a sea-gull glides
From the shadows of the night it hides

The waves ferociously roar
Shaking my soul, to the very core

Washing the sand away
Of the past and the present

Bringing with them a gift
In the form of a new commencement

I examine my feet anew
Exactly like flowers sparkle at dawn, full of dew

For now when I hear the waves coming
I find myself lost in their tune, involuntarily humming

Eastbourne, 2009.
Eastbourne, 2009.

14th Sept 2009

Honey, I am home!

Badshahi Masjid, Lahore.Completed in 1674 under Aurangzeb's the Mughals last great Mosque; the incredible Mosque opposite the gateway to the Lahore Fort is one of the worlds largest mosques.
Badshahi Masjid, Lahore.

‘Cabin crew prepare for landing’ pulled me out of my peaceful slumber

A few highs and lows and finally the wheels touched the ground

It was still dark outside with only a few illuminated dots miles away

Sun was fast asleep – completely zonked out

As I stepped out of the sardined Boeing 777

A delightful and extremely humid breeze of air fanned my face

My chaotic hair flew back in perfect submission,as I breathed this air

My body loved the dramatic transition

From a snowy London to a springy Lahore

From -2 degrees to 20 degrees.

I had travelled in time, from one season to another

In eight hours, just like a movie on fast forward

Finally, back to where I belong.

Honey, I am home!