Category: Poetry


The cold hands were piercing the flesh
Like a knife was slaughtering an animal afresh

Sending messages of unknown sensations
Of loss and victory and sometimes their amalgamated flirtations

Screams, cries and howl unheard
Yearn, desire and thirst unfelt

The clouds ferociously roar
As if they were mercilessly tore

Earth explodes
A secret un-codes

In the commotion, the sky sprinkled
While the mud wrinkled

Havoc stops
Mayhem drops

But the stream of pain flows
As the lifeless face glows

Telling the legend of its massacre, forever
Living a distinguished life, forever!


Different Worlds


Silent emotions and choked cries

Astringent notions and hollow lies

In the corner, all alone

Aching for what has, all gone

As blistering fire savours the wood

My frustrations descend and grab me by the hood

As the aroma unfurled

A new story uncurled

Where major players were mischief and deceit

Where major gamers were grief and cheat

Bridges were burnt away

Which connected people every day

In a moment, massive walls were erected

In a spur, remorseful voices were dejected

Valuable lessons learnt

From those who had been hurt

Thrown in a different place

Running a meaningless race

Now, in a different world than yours

Amongst unknown people than ours

Don’t look at my photo and cry

For I am there and would always come by

But the ways have changed

As our worlds have changed

Look at the sky with a beaming smile and you’ll get to see

Look at the sea with a content soul and you’ll know where I be

Close your eyes and you will hear

And finally realize that I am but near

I wait for the day when we would unite

You and me, basking in the glorious sunlight


p.s:  I wrote ‘Different Worlds’ when I was 22. xx