Cannes Film Festival is held in Cannes, France every year. As the name signifies, it is a festival of movies of all genres from all across the world including Hollywood, Bollywood, Documentaries etc. The Festival is extremely popular and is considered to be one of the most prestigious and highly acclaimed in the fantastic world of films. 2013 Cannes Film Festival is currently going on, May 15th to May 26th 2013. I would have gone but its an invitation only event and I still haven’t made that many contacts…not yet 🙂

Celebrities on the Cannes Red Carpet and movie screenings are an absolute delight to watch and drool over. Not because they are celebrities but because of the attention to minute details of their red carpet look.

I have compiled a list of my fav, not so fav and worth mentioning fashion statements from Cannes 2013.

Sonam Kapoor (bollywood actress)

I cannot remember the last time, I fell in love with an outfit instantly. At first glance. The dress by Dolce & Gabanna complements her style beautifully. This is my most favorite look so far!



Sonam also  wore a vintage white and gold creation by designer Anamika Khanna, complimented by a trailing baroque-effect jacket. Loving the look Sonam! 🙂


Irina Shayk (model) looked gorgeous  in pink as she stepped out in a beaded Elie Saab gown with a plunging neckline.

Irina Shayk_Elie Saab

Izabel Goulart (model) looked like an absolute delight to watch as she swayed in an embroidered green gown with full sleeves. I am drooling over this dress by Emilio Pucci.


55 year old Sharon Stone looked lovely in her white gown with a small trail by Cavalli. The dress had a gold snake detail on the back which gave a very striking look to the entire outfit and in a very good way! 🙂

Sharon Stone

I have never understood Paris Hilton’s style or the lack of it 😛 (no offence intended). The hotel heiress had the Barbie doll look as she walked the red carpet in a pink sequined mermaid gown.


Karolina Kurkova (model) was looked super hot in a black cut-out gown Roberto Cavalli fitted gown.


Chunky nose-rings were quite the fad especially with the Bollywood Ladies. I love nose-rings and these traditional naths (nose-rings) look great but somehow Sonam (on right) pulls them off better than Vidya Balan (on left). What do you think?


Julianne Moore looked ravishing in a  showstopping Dior gown. The black bustier top and the satin lilac skirt were the perfect red carpet look. The photographers caught her feet and since then they have bashing the 52 year for having one of her toes out of the shoes. Take it easy guys! She must have been in pain so give her a break. Next time, please Julianne check your shoes before donning them to such a high profile event


Cheryl Cole looked splendid in a Zuhair Murad maroon gown but but but what I loved the most was her hair!

cheryl-cole-cannes-film-festival-fishtail-plait-20-05-2013-jpg_111913 Cheryl-cole-red-carpet-fashion-cannes-film-festival--hair---20-05-2013-jpg_111913

Eva Longoria looked lovely in a pastel green Atelier Versace gown. However, she suffered from a wardrobe malfunction or deliberately  begged for some attention with her no-underwear show! And she ensured that the world knew she wasn’t wearing any…oh boy!

She lifted her dress to avoid tripping while climbing the stairs and ‘accidentally’ showed her crotch to the world, however, some claim it could be a skin coloured underwear and all this was a desperate publicity gimmick by the 38 year old ‘Desperate Housewives’ star…


Ashwariya Rai is a usual face at Cannes since the past couple of years as Loreal’s ambassador. She has been panned by fashion critics over the years for her disastrous Cannes looks. She has managed to come up with great looks so far and some really what-were-you-thinking-when-you-picked-this-design remarks by fashion pundits


I fell in love with the white Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla floor-length anarkali with colourful heavy embroidery. Loving the clutch and nail polish as well! WOW!

She looks lovely in the black and grey Elie Saab couture gown below. Yummy Mummy!


Gucci Premiere gown looks out of this world!


And here’s the look that I didnt like at alllllllllll! The embroidererd Sabyasachi lehenga-sari


Biscuit tray dress – Yes! I am not joking. A model wore a  flowing gown made exclusively of biscuit trays. I wonder who ate the biscuits? 😉

Short or long dress? or both? haha Paz Vega couldn’t decide between a short or long dress, so she figured out a way to wear both. Or maybe her best part is her upper thighs? 😀

paz-vega (1)

Last but not the least, my all time Cannes favourite look is Princess Di’s Dress that she wore to the Cannes Film Festival in 1987. It was designed by Catherine Walker, taking its inspiration from the style of Grace Kelly.This dress was auctioned for £81,000 in 2011.


That’s it folks! Hope you enjoyed! be happy, be fashionable! xxx

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  1. My nose piercing isn’t closed up (I don’t think) and now all I want to do is get off work and stick normal earring earrings in my nose ring and walk around. While I don’t think it is a great fashion idea per say… it does set them apart!

    I had no idea that Paris Hilton was still a “somebody.”

    Mad props for the toe bashing… bashers thing. It does look mad painful, and the fact that people would call her out on it is just stupid.

    Awesome post 🙂

    • hahaha..i agree with the nose ring thought!

      Paris Hilton is somebody..laughing stock that is 😉
      I know the toe thing personally because i have been in that situation but not on a red carpet lol

      thanks a lot for your feedback Sonya! x

  2. Ya know, I don’t know a thing about fashion. I have always been pretty basic. But I enjoy seeing the pictures of the beautiful clothes and funny mishaps. You are a wonderful fashion blogger! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • you took words out of my mouth!!! i strongly believe that one can NEVER go wrong with Ellie Saab!!!

      Cheryl looks nice 🙂 x

  3. Great post, as I dig commentary on fashion. Here are my running thoughts, as I scrolled through this piece…

    I’m not usually a fan of big, billowing dresses such as the one Sonam Kapoor is wearing, but as you said, it just complimented her style so well; it just fits. I think her long, gorgeous hair contributes to that. Pretty necklace too.

    To be honest, while I don’t think Irina Shayk’s dress is “ugly” by any means, I find it rather plain and uneventful.

    Izabel Goulart’s dress is quite the sight, to say the least. I’d say she carries the confidence to pull it off, however.

    I am absolutely stunned by Sharon Stone. I guess it slipped my mind that she had gotten up there in age, but jeez, you wouldn’t know it by how great she looks in that dress. I’m always enamored by white and she looks stunning for her age.

    I think you perfectly summed up anything I would say with regards to Paris haha.

    Maybe I’m just not accustom to them, but I can’t get behind nose rings yet as a fashion accessory. It’s way too grandiose on the face for my taste…

    Beautiful hair arrangement from Cheryl Cole.

    I definitely agree with you on Sabyassachi; quite the ugly dress followed closely by Paz Vega. That is remarkably hideous.

    Admittedly, I would say my favorite dress posted here is Princess Di’s as well. It just looks “her.” When you can wear a dress that fits you in style, character and aesthetic, that’s when it all comes together to make something awesome.

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts!

  4. I have to agree, Princess Di’s dress is gorgeous. So simple and understated, yet memorable. Paris Hilton bothers me, so even if she wore a pretty dress, I probably wouldn’t like it. And this one wasn’t pretty 🙂

  5. My favourite looks from your posts are Sonam’s (she’s always stunning she def wore the nath better because it’s higher), Irina Shayk’s (I’m biased for red though), Sharon’s (age appropriate and yet glamourous), and Aish’s Gucci was stunning! I love the post and thanks for liking mine

  6. Well they should have invited you ! That was great reporting 🙂
    Wonderful pics , great background information and infused with the flavor of your personality !
    Thanks , felt like I had a ring side seat !!
    And tks for popping into my site

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