We’ve all admired the attire of 007 and his Bond Girls, which seemed to capture the essence of casino lifestyle – pure elegance and luxury. In real life, casino fashion looks as though it’s become less James Bond and more Hunter S Thompson, but a new year presents an opportunity for change!

Casino Dress Codes

Virtually no casinos anywhere in the world have a written dress code which you could look up in advance, but it’s safe to say that the nicest places will want the best-dressed clientele. Take Vegas for instance – you’ll fit in fine wearing jeans and a tshirt in somewhere like the Imperial Palace or Bally’s , and while you can get in anywhere as long as you don’t look dirty or scruffy, you will feel out of place in the same clothes if you go somewhere more upscale like the Wynn or Bellagio.

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 The scruffy look is reserved for those who have earned it!

Professional poker players that you might see on TV or spot across the room in a casino are likely to be wearing hoodies, jeans, sunglasses and baseball caps. Remember: they are the exception that prove the rule, and if you want to wear the same clothes -or your pajamas – without being judged you should probably log in to Gaming Club where no one can see you at your most comfortable attire. Dressing like that will get you no respect from the casino, who are more likely to offer you free drinks if you look as though you might have a bit of money to spend.

Casino Fashion Icons 2013

It doesn’t all have to be dreary clothes though – some big names in the poker and casino scenes made heads turned with interesting styles. Lacey Jones, the American model turned professional poker player, looked professional but sophisticated in her branded blue sheer shirt with black cuffs, impeccable manicure and a cute front plait to keep the hair out of her eyes.

Photo Credit: Tom Ford

Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives fame annually hosts a celebrity casino night in aid of her charity Eva’s Heroes, and for her 2013 she wore a stunning crayon-green David Koma dress paired with black patent Christian Louboutin stilettos to try and evoke the sense of Rat Pack casino glamour.

Image Courtesy: Just Jared
Image Courtesy: Just Jared

 When doesn’t she look incredible?

Casino Fashion in 2014

Spring/Summer 2014 fashion is going to be perfect for summer visits to casinos, as it’s all about elegance and understatement. Pastel suits were popular on a lot of the runways this year, with colourful offerings from the likes of Jason Wu, Rebecca Taylor and Prabal Gurung looking most striking; go for one with some wide-leg trousers for a slightly old-school Vegas look and a colour which compliments you perfectly.

Unless you’re planning on visiting one of Vegas’s more upscale casinos, you can usually wear whatever you like to gamble; still, it’s a good excuse to dress up, isn’t it?

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  1. Vegas is one of the most interesting places for people watching!! hahaa, it definitely depends on your activity. Vegas night clubs I dress up pretty formal. Walking around in the afternoon? I go pretty casual with a polo. Good article, keep it up!

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