Pink is ever-green! Always in fashion and personifying femininity and innocence since time immemorial.  However, having said that, we have come far ahead of the times when Pink only symbolized a gender stereotype. Today, many men rock pink with equal panache and flamboyance.

Valentino Backstage

Powder pink, baby pink, shocking pink, fuchsia, magenta, carnation pink etc are the must haves for any wardrobe especially spring and summer. What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring in sun-starved London than to don a hot pink outfit and stride in the sun?

All you lovely people, looking pretty in pink does not entail being a Pink Panther from head to toe 😉

Even a pink scarf, pink lipstick, pink shoes, pink hair band, pink top or a pink skirt would do. Its how you use the color and brighten up your outfit!


Its time time to THINK PINK!!!

Donna Karan 2013
Donna Karan 2013

Here are some fav PINK looks for men, women as well as animals (ENJOY!)

*Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton looking marvelous in PINK


*Pink dominated Fall Runways in London and Milan. And now its dominating the spring trends worldwide! 

Designers featured above, upper left and clockwise; Emilio Pucci, Luisa Beccaria, Gucci, Eley Kishimoto, Giles, Sinha Stanic, Armand Basi, Marni)

*Pink was the most popular lip colour in Oscars 2013, hello pinkys!

Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, Anne Hathaway all donning pink..

*Heidi Klum looks extremely fresh and lovely in the pink top matched with orange trousers. She pulls off this risky combination with sheer perfection! And FYI this was her grocery shopping look!


*Men’s Pink Spring/Summer Lookbook Inspiration – I’m lovin’ it!

Do you have it in you to carry the colour PINK? 😀

*Pink Jackets – Spring 2013 Runway Trend: Hot Pink Jackets – instantly brightening up any outfit

L-R: Phillip Lim, Chado Ralph Rucci, Oscar de la Renta
*PINK MOI 😉 – pink sweater and pink converse!

* Pink Accessories


*Pink Pets – My favorite Pink Pets Fashion



What are you waiting for? Its time to add some pink lovin’ in your wardrobes people!!!

Hope you enjoyed! xx

Perfectly Pink..

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  1. Those pink converse look like exactly what I need to perk me right up. Thanks for liking my posts. Read several of yours and really enjoyed them.

  2. After reading this I noticed how much pink I had on including my underwear and socks. haha. The best part about this was the Donna Karen beautiful dress, and of course the cat with the pink wig on. :]

    • Pink undergarments, pink socks, pink nail colours…i noticed same thing with myself! I am glad you liked my post including the Donna Karan 2013 pick (i am in lowe shhh) and and and pink cat wig! Why should animals be behind eh? 🙂

  3. I grew up a red head and was always told I couldn’t wear pink. As my hair began to gray I decided to go blond and now I’m getting used to pink being an option. I love it!

    • OMG! you can wear it with so so so much. Try it with a nude outfits, black outfits and for spring as neons are so in, i love pink with neon yellow. I am sure you can carry it off 😉 xx

  4. Musically PinkPop was a great Festival and Wire’s album Pink Flag is an absolute classic! Foodwise, I love pink grapefruit. Moodwise I’m feeling in the pink today (which means feeling good). Your blog is uplifting and by association so is the colour PINK! 🙂

    • I also like the woman singer Pink!!! Thanks for the comprehensive update from food,mood and music! Thanks a lot for your love xx

  5. Excellent read!! And very very veryyyy well researched article!! Loved every bit of it!! Keep it comin’ x x x

  6. I love wearing pink, but let me share what my 8th grader niece told me, when I gifted her a pink purse- Uncle, I love the purse and its beautiful, but now I have too many pink colored time, can you please pick up something in purple… 🙂

  7. I just saw a picture of a bride and all her bridesmaids were wearing these hot pink dresses (kind of like the pink in your background)…it was unique, but I kind of loved it 🙂

  8. Very pink 🙂
    Did you know that pink ‘as a girl’s colour’ is only a relatively recent thin? i believe pre-19th century pink was actually considered a masculine colour.
    How times change, hey? 🙂

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