Sundays should be reserved for food comas! A day where we can eat our heart out and not be guilty of the pounds we accumulate in the process…

Brunch at Automat in Mayfair is an incredible treat to activate your taste buds. It is an American Brasserie located in Central London inspired by the eating habits of New Yorkers. They give you around an hour to eat and go!!! We do miss the British etiquettes 😉


Having said that, food is not cheap at all. Menu comprises of American pancakes, breakfast waffles, chicken noddle soup, infamous mac n cheese, steaks and burgers. Interior of the restaurant is dominated by tiled walls and chequered floors giving it a very retro appeal.

I happened to visit with 3 of my girlfriends for brunch and ordered: Norwegian Eggs (£11.50), Home Fries (£4.50), Blue berry pancakes (£10.50) and Chocolate milkshake (£6)! The food was scrumptious, succulent and beyond delicious…Worth the dent on the pocket but once in a while 😉




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Can’t wait to go again! Nom Nom Nom…


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    • Thanks a lot! Every time I look at those photos, all I want is a hearty brunch!
      Cant wait to go back to London and try it again. Thanks for visiting my blog! x

    • Please do visit! I cant wait to try this again 🙂
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I am so honoured.

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