My shadow stalking me…

Every day and every night
In the land of our memories,I take a flight
When you taught me the distinction
Between wrong and right

When you set parameters for me to achieve
A glorious height
Not letting anything become an obstacle
Or an absolute fright

You saw me limping
But you never let go my finger
I witnessed perseverance in your glistening eyes
The very reason which never lets my zest die

You trusted me
When my goal, I myself, could not even see
You awakened my self-esteem
When I was not even capable of a dream

Today I fly in the sky
While you peacefully lie
In a different world
But every time, for you my wings curl

Tracing your presence
In the hollow ambience
Your touch
Your breath

For I terribly miss you
Every memory turns me blue
Narrating a tale of our link
As it was written with the eternal ink

I await the sight
The lovely day when we’d unite
When you would be mine
And I would be thine


35 comments on “Because I miss you…”

  1. Well done. I enjoy reading your poems. They are deceptively deep, disguised in simplicity. I thought of my father, who I lost in 2006. A lot of my writing is in memory of him. Peace!!

    • Awww! 🙁 I hope your father is happy and smiling wherever he is…

      thanks a lot for liking my poems. I am touched.

      • I appreciate writers of Pakistani descent, because there aren’t many good ones out there (not saying I am good, not in the least).

  2. what a lovely piece of exquisite art! A tinge of pain, a light of beauty!
    I know the pain of such departures. My “Missing You” is dedicated to my little one.

    Those whom we love never really depart
    They continue to live on in our little heart
    The brilliance of the vast heavens above
    Cannot match your ever brimming love
    You are the lovely music of their silence
    Through you will shine their brilliance

      • The pleasure is mine. One does learn to bear the pain as time goes on. However, there are, I must admit, times when the pain does overwhelm one. I shall quote Ghalib here, as no other verse will fit the situation. Apologies, as I cannot write it in Urdu. Am still learning the script.
        rahii na taaqat-e-guftaar aur agar ho bhi
        to kis ummid se kahiye kii aarzoo kyaa hai?

  3. I’d like to think that this poem is how my daughter feels about me – well, and herself! She has said as much to me. I miss her but I am so glad that I helped her get to where she needs to be, where she is blossoming. And I am home, alive! But living a quiet life with multiple sclerosis so that’s the connection with your line “while you peacefully lie in a different world.” She is in Japan, and I’m in the US, so we are, indeed, in different worlds. As a poet, I love how different people relate to what I write; often very different from what I was thinking as I wrote. ALSO: Belated THANK YOU for following my blog! I’m new at it and just fascinated with all the amazing talent, and you, like others, inspire me to get back into writing more.

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