Mornings are not my cup of tea

If it were in my control, I would just flee

Somewhere far away

Without a piercing ray

Enjoying my pacific sleep

Away from the alarms infuriating beep

Lost profoundly in blissful silence

Distant from clatters of morning violins

Free from the shackles of senses

Climbing over rusted fences

Into a different place

Breathing, at my own pace

Where sedated owls tranquilly sleep

In murky forests, thick and deep

Listen to your heart-beat, like a mother’s lullaby

Never losing out its rhythm even as time goes by

Shhh! Just close your eyes

Till the throbbing morning flies…



23 comments on “Mornings”

    • I cant wake up!!! no matter how early i sleep (and for some odd reason even if i go to bed at ten i am not able to sleep till 12 or 1 only to wake up at 7 again!!!)

      Here comes the weekend!!! yayyy

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