I hear the clouds roar
They are yearning to pour

Hauling thousand of secrets in themselves
Consenting to let them spill and not keeping them in shelves

Liberated, with the flow
Anticipating a better future, a glow

The drops descend
With each other they blend

The azure sky alters
Leaving no signs of any falters

Passion swells
Oomph dwells

Effects, sounds and faces
Presenting contrasting traces

The laughter, the crackle, the bubble
As the rain cleanses away the trouble

Despondently, I open my eyes and find myself in a flood
Which reminds me of a stream, of colorless blood

I look up and watch as the sky bellows to be
In its ordeal, it tells the tale of no-one but me…

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  1. I like how you presented Rain in words! The rhymes it self also beautiful 🙂 Thank you Cheeni for seeing my blog and follow, will be come back for more read about you 🙂

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