The sun is about to set
Like a rule laid down in a bet

I stand on the shore
While my heart is painfully tore

The wind blows and whistles
While moving dexterously through my hair

Like a mother’s hand
Like a baby’s touch

Sky dips in flames
Notwithstanding any new games

Far across the distance, a sea-gull glides
From the shadows of the night it hides

The waves ferociously roar
Shaking my soul, to the very core

Washing the sand away
Of the past and the present

Bringing with them a gift
In the form of a new commencement

I examine my feet anew
Exactly like flowers sparkle at dawn, full of dew

For now when I hear the waves coming
I find myself lost in their tune, involuntarily humming

Eastbourne, 2009.
Eastbourne, 2009.

14th Sept 2009

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