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Intense stare and parted lips

All gawking at me, with undivided attention

Fidgeting fingers and intermittent sighs

All targeted at me, to be comprehended

She feels like a helpless child

Lost in a carnival, impatiently looking for a familiar face

Frustrated, like a frequent failure

Wanting to speak but choking

Wanting to reach out but tied

Her eyes turn ruby

Swelled up with her feelings

Longing to pour onto her grim face

Disobeying all her guards of self-control

Streams of tears gush down her bronze cheeks

Messengers of her desperation and vulnerability

I feel the dampness of her tears on my face

I reach out to comfort her

She mimics my actions

My heart skips a beat at the realization

Alienated from my agony for so long

I finally recognize what she wants.

I finally comprehend what I want.

She is, after all my reflection.

Waiting to be understood….

38 comments on “What does ‘SHE’ want?”

  1. I was Wondering how to word the thoughts in my head when I was reminded of Wordsworth’s line : “Most musical, most melancholy”

  2. Let the reflection go,
    It will play with you, as if you were a toy,
    Let the fresh wind come,
    Dance with me, in pool of friendship, ocean of love,
    Most of all eternal joy.

    Just to make someone smile dear, if you may. πŸ™‚

      • you said truth dear, we can’t just let the reflection go, it is a part of us. But you seem to forget shadow, it always follows us wherever we go, but we never walk seeing where our shadow is, rather we walk watching our feet. Shadow follows accordingly. Now let’s come back on reflection, just like shadow reflection is dependent on us. Our self, our thoughts are what make our reflection. See a mirror reflection would be there, but of what we are. So I ask you to let reflection go from your thoughts, it would always be there, but it’s the dependent not you dear. Rise, change what you are, smile upon what comes and see your reflection smile, I know the path isn’t easy, but trust me as an unbiased friend, call for help if you need, all you have to do is walk, all your calls I would make sure get heard, get acted upon, you would find me as a friend there, but path only you have to walk. I don’t know what exactly is it that you see in your reflection, though I felt another me in that reflection, which is something I can’t withstand in others, what is it exactly I can’t say here. Looking forward to hear from you if convinced or not.

  3. Brilliant thoughts and wonderful way of putting them together Cheeni
    may you have some peace and Joy throughout your week!~ Stuart / 2zpoint

      • For some yes deep and dark, for some also deep and dark but in the second case you know the depth, the gravity of it, and you know the darkness in which pupil dilates to see light, even with eyes closed…

      • No, there are very shallow people as well.

        At the same time there is nothing wrong with deep and dark, nor deep and light.

        Depth is a good quality.

        Good writers/poets turn darkness and pain into beauty.

  4. Really interesting poem, I enjoyed how it played out.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, much appreciated. I’m just dabbling with poetry – then I’m dabbling at writing too. One day the dabbling will settle and I’ll know my niche. Til then I’ll continue to enjoy my forays into both worlds .

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