404018_10150974648420843_1131980578_nLast year I went to Kiev with my parents. No, you didnt get that right, it was not to watch the final of Euro Cup 2012! :p

It was a short and sweet trip  to see family members living there and add a new place to my travelling portfolio.

Wizz Air flies directly from London to Ukraine and my ticket costed around a £100 – booked it a month before! Cheapest air ticket till date…

While checking in, my mother’s hand carry trolley was said to be higher than the allowed size…but how? we measured it at home! ‘Its the wheels!’ the guys at the counter snapped. Eventually, after paying £50 we were on our way to Kiev – my father ten seats behind me on the left, my mother fifteen side ahead of me on the right, Cheers budget airlines! Lets wizz through the air now.

Upon reaching the immigration counter in Kiev, three ‘green’ passports caused a high level alert in the least busy airport I have been to in my entire travelling history. And I have traveled quite a lot! The person at the counter took our passports to some room behind him. He stayed there for 2 hours while we waited…We were told they were being photo-copied (lazy machine I guess) as Pakistan was on the list of most dangerous countries in Kiev.

Finally we were allowed to enter Ukraine! Yayyy…

Kiev is a city of gardens, cathedrals, museums and and and beautiful women. Seriously, an average woman in Kiev is around 5’8 and watching their slender legs as they walked around was one of the highlights of my trip – in a very clean, non-sleazy way.

Below are some memories from Kiev and the places I highly recommend to visit

1.Kiev-Pechersk Lavra – Caves Monastery

This was built by Kiev monks back in 1051. It is considered as a holy place and many monks are buried in these caves.


2.Mykola Syadristy Microminiatures Museum

Something very unique and different. Art is depicted on strands of hair, needle, grain of rice etc. Microscopes help to see these novelties.

Unfortunately, I could not take any photos of miniature drawings and cravings done by Ukrainian artists! But here are some images of the museum that I found online




3. St. Michael’s Cathedral

A lovely, small church with a lot of history. There is no entry fee for this.





4.Great Patriotic War Museum

Depicts vast collections of world war 2 artifacts, photos and vehicles. If you do not speak Russian/Ukrainian try and take a language translator or some translation device with you. Entry is very cheap and this museum is definitely worth a visit! DO GO!









5. Khreshchatyk Street

It is refereed to as the Ukrainian version of  ‘Shanzelize’ street in Paris, France. Surrounded by shopping centers, banks, restaurants, it serves as a great commercial hub for both tourists and locals. It just never sleeps…lights, people, cars keeping moving from one end to another – bustling with life!



6. Rodina Mat (Motherland)

Please do go to the top of the statue! Elevators, walks and after taking a couple of street laders, you finally get to the top. The view from here is spectacular!


7.Kiev Funicular

Made available to the public on 7th May 1905 (constructed between 1902 and 1905), the Kyiv Funicular connects Uppertown and the lower commercial area of Kiev. The ticket is $0.20 one way!


8.National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is among the oldest universities in kiev, Ukraine. Fuunded  in 1834, the University has made a commendable contribution to the education in Ukraine.


9. Touristy Shops

There are plenty of touristy shops with lots of souvenir around the main city center. Loved them!






10. Founder’s Monument

The monument is sculptures of 4 siblings: 3 Princes and one Princess, who was founded city at 6th centuries AD. Many people believe it is more of a myth than reality.

3 brothers and 1 sister!
Every ribbon represent a wish of somebody…

11. Eternal Glory Park

This is dedicated to the  soldiers of the nation in the “Great Patriotic War” and the actual complex is 9.5 hectares. The fire burns here, day and night…eternally!


Other than these, YOU’VE GOT TO SEE places, below are some sites and places I discovered while walking and driving around the historic city of Kiev! Some of favourite sights…

Kiev was the host of Euro Cup 2012


View from the apartment I was staying at.
Ukraine: Kiev – Famine Memorial
Says everything…
Awesome view from the founder’s park
Newly married couple getting their photo-session done
Upside down tree…whoa!
Random street concert in Ukranian haha….was free!
Best Chocolate shop ever! Lviv handmade chocolates.
Johnny Depp follows me everywhere…
Traditional Attire
One sunny afternoon…
River Cruise!!!
Arch of friendship
Walking Walking…
Extremely friendly people. Made more friends in 4 days in Ukraine than I did in 4 years in London! FACT.
Cold coffee cravings…

I would have taken more food photos if i knew I would blog about it one day! 😉

Hope you enjoyed xx

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  1. I don’t have as much trouble with my blue passport as you seemed to have in Kiev, but it is a pain to need a visa to almost every country in the world and the lines and questions are annoying. Ironically I have more drama at Indian immigration (they always want to chat with a single woman) than I do with anyone else.Sometimes I do think us travelers need passports from somewhere else in order to be able to travel and dream easily 🙂

    • I have never had any problem Seema. Ukraine was the first one 🙂 and i agree with the hassle of visa requirements everywhere…sigh!

  2. Thank you for sharing your visit to Kiev and some of your experiences. The Ukranian people I’ve met who’ve immigrated to Canada are salt of the earth.

  3. Hi! I’m Ukrainian myself, I was born in Odessa but have moved to Switzerland at the age of 8. I still return to Ukraine every summer for a month or two because summer there is beautiful 🙂 I love Kiev as well, but Odessa remains the most attractive place in Ukraine. If you have a chance to go back, I highly recommend it (plus it’s by the see!). Did you know that in Ukraine, they say that Kiev is the Father of Ukraine and Odessa is the Mother ? 😉 anyway, great pictures! Made me miss my country a lot and can’t wait to go back in July! Oh, and you have describe Ukrainian airport perfectly haha!

    • Hello Ukrainian person! 🙂 i had a fabulous time in your country except i visited only charkassy apart from kiev! and it was beautiful.

      Need to visit again to see Odessa now!!! thanks for the mother father info. hehe i know more about ukraine now!

      I am so touched my blog appealed to somebody from the Ukraine! You made my monday morning so so so happy 🙂


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