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We are typing all the time! A person like me who is a marketing consultant by day and a blogger by night has her fingers constantly glued on to the type-writer 😉


Few months back I felt a strange pain in my wrist. Doctors, therapies and massaging sessions were all consulted. However, nothing worked. My uncle finally sent me typing gloves which I was supposed to wear whenever I was near Mr.Keyboard. The gloves arrived in post with the sweetest post it note EVER!

Typing Gloves

Pretty hesitant to try the typing gloves at first, I finally decided to give it a try. Within, a month of this ritual, my wrist pain reduced dramatically! Have not felt any wrist ache since past 3 months. I found some similar typing gloves online in case anyone wants to give them a try if suffering from wrist pain or if you just want some support.

Typing Gloves

Imak Smart Typing Glove with Thumb Support Small

glove 2

Imak Typing Glove Wrist Wrap

Let me know what other ways have you discovered of getting rid of this deadly wrist pain?




27 comments on “Typing Gloves – A cure for my wrist pain!”

  1. This is amazing, Cheeni. I suffer from this pain regularly since I also use the keybod at the office and for blogging too. been using ointments and pain reliefs for years now.

    • Thanks so much! Please try these typing gloves and let me know. I hope and pray you get rid of this pain!

  2. Awesome, thanks for the share Cheeni. I have a write brace that I sometimes use (have a bum right writs) but these gloves look more comfortable. Will definitely consider, thanks for the share!! 🙂

  3. Wow…I was fascinated to discover I could get wrist pain from typing day and night…I am a lucky one than…typing only by night…I am using my wrists really differently by day in my practice. I am glad you all find relieves with these gloves…on short term…and before feeling the benefits of gloves…you could try wintergreen essential oil…this is a great and natural anti inflammatory substance…
    Thank you for the follow…it gave me the opportunity to discover your blog…great blog!!!! Now following.

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