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First of all, I am extremely sorry for my LONG silence. Lots going on but more about that later! 🙂

Alrighti so I went to a workshop by Asad Shan followed by the screening of his maiden venture, ‘7 Welcome to London’ at FiLUMS Festival hosted by the Lahore University of Management Sciences on Saturday, 14th February 2015. (Yeah I know! No better plans…)



Asad is a British Pakistani who started off his career as an investment banker but later traveled to New York to train as an actor. What followed was a string of modelling assignments, TV appearances and eventually acting in and directing the much talked about film venture, 7 Welcome to London.


The two hour workshop at LUMS was one of the most interactive sessions that I have ever been to. Mr. Shan’s personality and its gripping impact on the audience was quiet evident. Discussion covered various dimensions from the undisputed king of Lollywood, Sultan Rahi to Guy Ritchie, both lauded for their action oriented performances. And of course, a lot more themes were highlighted in between.


What surprised most of us was the speaker’s knowledge and research on the film industry in general and local Pakistani films in particular, be it the cult Maula Jutt or the contemporary take on terrorism in Waar. Be it film economics (money distributors make) or the difficulties film-makers encounter in working with the blue eyed boy of Lollywood, our very own Shaan 🙂 . Asad Shan knew it all…



Students participated enthusiastically and fully enjoyed the engaging session. No, this doesn’t end here! Not yet… 😉 What followed was the screening of the film.


The film was exceedingly brilliant and being an avid film audience, we all know it is undoubtedly, always a combined team effort. From acting to screen play to dialogue delivery to cinematography to even costumes…there are a lot of aspects to consider while making a film. (I am sure I have missed out a lot more but you get the point 😉 )

7 Welcome to London’s story has all the ingredients that a ‘paisa vasool’ film ought to have. Romance, action, drama and above all their amalgamation into something beautiful as a whole. A complete package!7 Welcome to London - Front

Asad Shan as the main protagonist is convincing and shines out, Sabeeka Imam as the female lead is natural, Tim Hibberd as the gangster is raw and suitable but but but my most favourite performance was that of Aliakbar Campwala. Aliakbar as the endearing Goldie touches you deep. I honestly felt like a fuzzball of mixed emotions, giggling at his well-executed punchy dialogues and later sniffing when the story takes an unexpected turn.

To sum up, 7 Welcome to London is enthralling, captivating and a thrilling tale which takes you by surprise especially in the second half. Asad Shan as a promising debut director is outstanding. He definitely is the captain of this film which he fittingly describes as ‘Karan Johar meets Guy Ritchie’.


You can watch 7 Welcome to London on iTunes very SOON. Watch this space for more info and updates!


Till then keep smiling 🙂


Cheeni xxx

p.s: You can check out the trailer here: 7 Welcome to London

Images: fiLUMS – LUMS International Films Festival 2015 & Asad’s Instagram.

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  1. Hey Cheeni! Welcome back hun!!!
    We missed your posts so much. I just checked out the trailer and can’t wait to watch the film.

    Keep me posted!

    Beth xx

    • haha thanks Beth!!! Been super busy with lots but I am back and you shall see more posts soon 🙂
      Thanks for your kind words. x

  2. Cheeeeeeennnnniiii! Missed your articles. Glad to have you back babe. Above sounds fun, let me know about such workshops in future!


  3. Wow that looked like a lot of fun! I have been dying to visit London and will have to watch the trailer for this film.
    P.S. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet words! <3

    • Thank you! The event was in Lahore though. Just got back from London 3 weeks back and feels like its been ages. Sigh! Guess that’s the price you pay for living in different places, forever torn.

      Do check out the trailer and thanks for dropping by.


  4. Ive always smirked Europe and their up front film industry. They are a driving force in getting information not seen in the states. Our movie theaters where I live are like top forty radio….same old,same old…this looks great and the seminar looked especially fun☺️

  5. Hey, thanks for liking my poem! Love your blog so much. Where did you go? Nobody makes me laugh like you!

    • Ucman it released in Pakistan on 30th January 2015. It would be available on iTunes very soon.
      As for plot, it is a story of a guy who goes to London in search of a better future and the problems he faces. Sounds like you nahi? 😛

  6. Nice review, Cheeni! Will look for this movie when it comes out in iTunes / DVD. I loved your description of it – Karan Johar meets Guy Ritchie 🙂

    • Thanks Vishy! Please do! As for the Karan Johar meets Guy Ritchie comment, it’s not mine haha. It is how Mr. Shan describes his film. Have a good weekend 🙂

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