Pakistani cinema continues its journey upwards as 2016 rolls in. January witnessed the release of the much talked about Ho Maan Jahaan and now that we are in the second month, we have another release, Bachaana lined up! Filmi times indeed. 🙂


Bachaana is all set to release nationwide on 26th February. As the name suggests, Bachaana is a romantic comedy that is packed with a lot of action and the story is based on cross cultural relationship and how eventually love transcends boundaries. How Sweet! 🙂


We recently attended the star-studded premiere of Bachaana in Lahore and thoroughly enjoyed the ride to say the least. In attendance were the star cast, Adeel Hashmi, Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza, director; Nasir Khan along with renowned film and media personalities.

The movie kicks off in picturesque Mauritius where due to unexpected twist of fate, the three lead actors: Mohib Mirza (playing a Pakistani taxi driver Vicky), Sanam Saeed (enacting an Indian girl Alia) and the coloured eye Lucy, Adeel Hashmi (playing Jahangir) meet. What follows is a whole plethora of events unfolding when Vicky and Alia run all over the exotic Mauritius as the bad guys chase them.

IMG_9816It is a simple story in essence. The brilliant direction of Nasir Khan, relatable Pakistani jokes of Mohib Mirza as the main lead and the portrayal of a bubbly Indian girl by Sanam Saeed (who I have always watched in emotional dramas) makes it distinctive. Adeel Hashmi, known for his comedy roles takes you by surprise and delivers an equally fabulous performance in an avatar he has not been seen in before.

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From the very beginning till the end, Bachaana had me gripped and glued onto my seat. It kept me engaged and fully interested because it executed the script in the best possible manner.

Characters are fully relatable from their acting, dressing and most importantly dialogues. Sanam Saeed dons a total of two outfits, Mohib stays in the same one and there is no sudden forceful outbreak of choreographed songs. One of my favourite part was where Mohib, a Pakistani explains to Sanam, an Indian if she was a Pakistani she would not get a visa to Mauritius so quick! This spoke to pretty much all the audience members at the premiere and what followed was loud, un-synced laughs.


To sum up, Bachaana takes you on a trip to the gorgeous Mauritius – warms your heart up with a well-etched and developed romance, constantly engages you as a cine-goer and in turn makes you leave the theatre with a smile on your face. All in less than 2 hours!

Watch it once for sure! About time we support our local cinema.

Rating: 4/5

Lots of love,