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Sana Safinaz – Launch of Largest Store in Lahore, Pakistan

Summers have officially arrived! The sun is shining a bit too much, days are super long and all you see is the Aunty Police rushing to the next big fashion stores in search of something new and different. Something that beats the heat and lets you stand out of the crowd!

Sana Safinaz Flagship Store DHA (2)
Sana Safinaz Flagship Store Z Block, DHA Lahore.

I was invited to the launch of Sana Safinaz’s new flagship store at premium location of Z Block, DHA Lahore (opposite YUM restaurant) on 15th May 2015. The store showcases a wide variety of elegant yet trendy ready to wear casuals, formals, unstitched fabric and accessories range. (more…)

Oscars 2015 – Fashion Roundup!

Jared Leto poses on red carpet_getty imagesThe world around us is changing at a fast pace. Most of the men and women I know, do not take Vogue and GQ as their fashion bibles. Individuals, today dress up to accentuate their bodies in the best possible manner instead of blindly following every new trend.

Felicity Jones_getty images

Oscars need no introduction. Perhaps the most coveted night in Hollywood where all the film fraternity gathers to celebrate the movies magic while the world examines their attires among other things. Interesting I must say! 😉

This year there was no Ellen DeGeneres SELFIEE or a pizza delivery so we shall move our focus right back to fashion! (more…)

GlamST – Your Virtual Makeup Makeover Stop! sp*

Virtual Makeover

Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all?

Girls love to dress up and make up! It is a dominating aspect of their very existence. Imagine you bought that perfect black dress but cant be bothered to go to shops to try on every single shade of lipstick that would rock your look. Well, not to worry ladies! 🙂 This is where GlamST comes in and provides a great virtual makeup makeover platform. (more…)


BAFTA Awards 2014 were held at the Royal Opera House in London on Sunday, 16th February. The red carpet was a star studded event, dominated by smoke eyes, bold lip shades, flamboyant evening gowns and elegant hair styles.

Bafta statuettes
I am no fashion police or a ruthless styling critic but having carefully examined what everyone wore, I have my favourite, Brangelina!!!



The Gentleman’s Guide To SHOES!


Hello all you fashionistas!

I have been flooded with emails to highlight men’s fashion and hence here I am 😉

This post is about providing an insight to the different varieties of men shoes available and making use of them adequately! Most of the men in my life are either in  Oxfords or Trainers. 🙂

Boys, its time to experiment!!! Have a look below and diversify your SHOES wardrobe.


Walk in STYLE! 😉


Pregnancy Market


When I was 13, I had big dreams. Every time I looked at my Doll’s House, I would think of myself getting married by the time I was 21 and a mother of 2 blue eyes babies before I was 25. I held onto this thought for a while and then I grew up.

Now, I am 26 and looking back I wonder…what the hell were you thinking woman?! Enjoy life as a single jingle for as long as possible! Lately, I have felt I have turned 13 again…perhaps its a woman thing. No matter how perfect and smooth your life is, there is one thing that always tries to derail you, piss you off and frustrate you beyond any reasonable and rational comprehension. Again, a woman thing I guess…

I am getting a bit carried away in the flow of my thoughts.


Snapping back, I cant help but notice the growing amount of pregnant women out there. I often wonder is it the K syndrome? Ever since Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian have announced they are expecting, pregnancy seems to be in ‘fashion’. The next big thing, just like neon colors this summer, chunky necklaces or fishtail braids.


Personally, I do not approve at all. I believe being pregnant is the most amazing thing that can happen to a woman and no lesser than a miracle. A blessing where you are facilitating and giving birth to new life – giving a part of you to this world. It is the best thing in this world for me after travelling of course 😉

Pregnancy needs to be celebrated and not excessively commercialized. From expecting celebrities to marketing companies targeting mothers-to-be, everything involves making money. Increasing revenues. Earning profits.

Be it mama blogs,  specially packaged holidays for couples, specific magazines, celebrity endorsements – they all heavily try to target mothers-to-be in an attempt to flourish their businesses.

Companies are going to all ends to exploit the pregnancy market. Many brands hand-out free samples to mothers in maternity wards. Hospitals around the world give out formula milk samples which have attracted fierce criticism from Breastfeeding advocates as it indirectly encourages bottle-feeding.

Pregnant women consciously and subconsciously are looking for products to take care of themselves and the baby. In my opinion, they are a soft target for big companies and strategies are devised to lure them into excessive buying by doing the following:

Showing Beautiful Images


A woman wants to feel beautiful. Always! And if you make her believe she is beautiful or could be then BINGO! The trophy is yours. Companies selling maternity clothes, workout DVDs for pregnant women fully use this to their advantage. Maternity clothes are up-to date, in line with latest trends and what celebrity mummies-to-be are wearing, conveying an image that a pregnant body needs to be enhanced by specific cuts and styles.Fitness DVDs on the other hand are designed to make a pregnant woman feel fit and in shape when she is gaining kilos every month.

Selling  Comfort


Pregnancy takes its toll on a woman’s body. Many women complain about tiredness, swollen and achy hands and feet and sometimes even back and tummy aches. This is what many wellness and spa brands exploit – Imagine selling comfort to a woman and communicating physical relief when she is going through these draining pregnancy pains.

Playing with the Nesting Instinct


Women by nature like to see things arranged in a nice order (most of them ;)). During pregnancy (as depicted by studies), this urge reaches a higher level to get everything perfect before the baby’s arrival…

House needs to be baby friendly, nursery needs to be set and everything that the baby would need, has to be present! AT ALL COST!

Many cleaning products can be marketed with tag lines ‘safe for use when pregnant’ complemented by showing images of houses and rooms that are safe for a baby.

The Hubby Card


Woman are notorious for their mood swings. And sometimes even a genuine reaction is said to be a PMS symptom. Sigh 😀

During pregnancy, women are exhausted and physically drained. They often feel annoyed and grumpy and yes rightfully so 😉

Husbands are  willing to spend a bit more to facilitate darling wifey. Companies often market to men falling in the 25-40 age range with key words such as ‘comfort’, ‘stress-free’, ‘peaceful’, ‘relaxing’ to trigger and influence a man to buy something extra for his pregnant wife.

Everybody around me is pregnant or getting married. I had been wanting to write about the pregnancy market for a while, hope you enjoyed. Wishing you a blessed motherhood! Lots of love and prayers! xxx