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I am not fair but can I still be lovely?

Sarah Leen_Nat Geo

There are certain stories that are very close to our hearts and of course quiet a touchy subject. Complexion of my skin is definitely one of those. I am not fair but can I still be lovely? Let’s see… 🙂

I am a 27 year old authentic desi girl from Pakistan injected with a high drama quotient and annoying zest for life. Below is a quick insight into my battle with my complexion, the intricate situations I faced while growing up and how I eventually made peace with the colour of my skin. (more…)


hgbiFrustrating frowns

Loud Laughter

Tender Touch

Wise Words

Guarded Steps

Harmonised breathing

Infinite staring

Her eyes to his

Before they blink

And turn away

While still connected

In a heartbeat

Pounding in their chests

Thump thump thump…