During my first year in Uni, I studied Communication Skills. As part of our module, we were supposed to make a documentary film on a subject of our own choiceMe and my two friends chose BasantBasant is a kite-flying festival which is usually a way of welcoming spring! It is widely celebrated in Punjab, both Pakistan as well as India.

The historic city of Lahore is the hub of all Basant festivities. People from all over the country and even abroad come to Lahore to celebrate the ‘Kite-Flying’ Festival in true Lahori enthusiasm. In the recent years, corporate brands have sponsored concerts, decorated park and gone to extreme  lengths by producing Basant advertisements on TV during the much hyped season. One gets to see Yellow everywhere and hospitable Lahoris are always spotted on the roofs, either flying kites or arranging entertaining barbecue evenings. However, since the past few  years Basant has been banned due to its extreme negative consequences. Metallic twines used to fly kites are a great threat to life and safety.

This short documentary film highlights our concerns, as we aim to get the answer: ‘Basant: Bash or Blood?’

We made this in  2007 so please please ignore some sound and other technical issues.

Made by 3 girls who are still very proud of it.

Hope you enjoy! xx

 [wpvideo df81KE0x]